Showcase Your Work & Start Booking Gigs By Creating A Portfolio On TmrO

Published :
January 14, 2022
Showcase Your Work & Start Booking Gigs By Creating A Portfolio On TmrO

Whether you're a songwriter, producer, photographer, recording engineer, videographer, graphic designer, or a hair and makeup artist, being a creative is a constant cycle of marketing and promoting your brand in hopes of booking your next job. With the increase in remote work and the online metaverse, apps like TmrO are making it easier for creatives to showcase their work and continue booking gigs uninterrupted.

How To Get Paid Work On The TmrO App

Creatives are looking for their next paid project. They're looking for a something where they can really shine, show off their skills, and kick off a creative freelancer career.  TmrO helps them achieve that.

It's difficult for creatives to find steady work. Many don't know where to start and Google doesn't help. Oftentimes, without 
a direct connection to the industry or a costly professional recruiter, they find themselves running into many dead ends. Even worse, many creatives end up in a cycle of taking unpaid gigs just to get their foot in the door. 58% of freelancers don’t get paid for their work .

TmrO believes every creative deserves to be paid for their work. That's why we're making it easier for you to not only book paid jobs, but showcase the amazing work that you do. With the TmrO Portfolio, creatives will now have their own digital resume at their fingertips that they can share with anyone, anywhere.

What Is A Portfolio?

Your TmrO Portfolio is your new website and we provide it for you 100% free of charge. Within the portfolio, you can add all of the services you offer,  photos, videos, and integrate audio of your best work. It's a cost effective way to market your skills and gain some traffic to your work. Even better, you can share your portfolio anywhere you want.You can send it via text, email, DM, or add it to your social media bio!

How To Create Your TmrO Portfolio

Creating your portfolio is simple. Once you've downloaded TmrO from the App Store, sign up and create a free profile.

  • Click the pencil icon to edit your profile. Include a brief description of the services you offer, the specialties your services fall under, and set your hourly rate.
  • During the sign-up process, you included you location. If you're willing to travel, set your maximum travel distance.
  • Do you want to showcase your music? TmrO allows creatives the ability to integrate audio from Spotify. Just click on the "Add Track From Spotify" button and paste the link of your track, album, or playlist.
  • Want to share photos, artwork or videos? Click on the "Add Photos Or Videos" button to upload your work.

Once you're pleased with your portfolio, click on "Create Service" and your TmrO Portfolio is ready to go! Potential clients will be able to view your profile immediately and you can start booking gigs as soon as TmrO! 

How To Share Your TmrO Portfolio

Click the Share button [<] to easily share a link to your portfolio with anyone, anywhere.

For more resources to help get your art seen, download the TmrO app and set up an artist's profile to become a member of our community.