How To Get Paid On TmrO App

Published :
February 14, 2022
How To Get Paid On TmrO App

What Is TmrO App?

TmrO App is a two-sided marketplace that facilitates the connection between buyers and sellers in the music industry. The TmrO App not only helps Clients in the music industry find the correct set of talent, but also consistently connects creatives to paid projects.

Curation and vetting features are essential. With TmrO, Clients spend less time, energy, and less money finding the right "one."  Creatives who use TmrO's platform have a track record of success in communication, accountability, and talent.

For creatives, TmrO's built-in features help them put their best foot forward. Using TmrO's free and sharable portfolios and integrations, creatives can showcase past work samples, accurate reviews, highlights of their resume, and client ratings. Creatives can also rest easy knowing that payment is quick and simile. Funds are deposited within 48 hours after job completion which is 50% faster than other platforms.

Who Are TmrO App's Clients? 

The TmrO App's clients consist of:

  • New and established artists
  • Small and large record labels
  •  Music and talent managers 

Who Are TmrO App's Creatives?

  • Songwriters
  • Producers
  • Musicians
  • Recording Engineers
  • Sound Mixers
  • Photographers + Videographers
  • Wardrobe Stylists
  • Hair, Makeup, and Nail artists
  • Choreographers and Dancers

These creatives are looking for their next paid project where they can really shine, show their skills, and build a creative freelancer career.

How Are Creatives Paid On TmrO App

Downloading TmrO app and creating a portfolio is absolutely free. Within the portfolio, Creatives can add all of the services they offer,  photos, videos, and integrate audio of their best work. It's a cost effective way to market their skills and gain some traffic to their work. Even better, Creatives can share their portfolio anywhere they want — via text, email, DM, or  in their social media bio.

All payments are made through Stripe. Setting up a Stripe account can be done directly within your TmrO Profile > Bank Accounts. Your payment flows to your Stripe account 48hrs after the Client selects “Project Complete”. You can set your payment schedule within Stripe.

There is no fee for Creatives to connect with Clients and TmrO App does not get paid until you do. Depending on project value, project fees are tiered at 6%, 9%, and 12%.

A Fee is deducted from each completed project total based on the value of project/transaction. The tiers are as follows: 

Project/Transaction AmountPercentage Per Project
Up to $5006%
$501 to 1,5009%